Air Cooled Cryogenic Chiller

Cryogenic Chiller is widely adopted in manufacturing process in industries, such as non-ferrous smelting, chemical and pharmaceutical, petroleum chemistry, grain and oil, food and beverage, mechanical, electric, air separation, etc.
The temperature is adjustable in the range of -30℃ ~  + 5

Unit main parts include 
Hermetic scroll, Semi-hermetic piston, Semi-hermetic screw compressor, condenser, oil separator, economizer, evaporator, and control system.

Air Cooled Cryogenic Chiller

★ Features

· Original famous brand Hermetic scroll, Semi-hermetic piston, Semi-hermetic screw compressor adopted, feature sufficient cooling capacity, stable performance, and excellent quality.

· Compressor stepped capacity control, minimize starting current and impact to grid.
·  High efficient aluminum fin condenser.
·  High efficient shell and tube  evaporator adopted, ensuring high cooling efficiency.
·  Schneider brand electric components to ensure the chiller unit running stably with long service time.
·  R407C, R404a, R134a, R22 refrigerant for option.
· High accuracy touch screen and imported PLC controller adopted.
   * Multi-protection function: compressor discharge over temperature, motor over temperature, anti-freezing, over current, phase sequence, high/low pressure, flow switch.
   * Mass storage PLC, allows permanent reservation of more than 100 fault record, precisely monitors unit running state.
   * Pass word setting, avoids unit from shut down or damaged by accidental factor.
   * Control components including thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, check valve are supplied by international brand, ensuring steady and efficient running under wide range of working condition.

·  Compressor with built exhaust pot silencer ensures low noise running.
·  Corrosion-resistance water system upon request.

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