Laser Chiller

DYEL-A air cooled industrial chillers are designed for water supplying temperature between 5℃ to 35℃.
Ding Yu Equipment adopts only international brand components which are strictly tested and selected by our technical team. The chiller units are designed with micro controller to ensure control accuracy. The interface is displayed in English. Complete safety devices are equipped aiming at both the chiller unit and your equipments, including alarm for high water temperature, water supply shortage, motor overload, unit running pressure, etc.

Laser Chiller
Complete English display micro controller
Top brand hermetic scroll compressor
Multiple refrigerant for option, including R22,
R407c, R134a, R404a, R410a etc
Aluminum fin type condenser
Large volume axial fan motor
Stainless steel plate type evaporator
Stainless steel insulated storage tank with automatic filling valve
Stainless steel pump
Complete copper refrigeration and processing pipe
Castors equipped for models below DYEI-15AD
Motor overload cutout
High and low pressure cutout
High water temperature alarm
Water shortage alarm
Phase sequence and phase missing alarm

Optional Configuration
Refrigerant sight glass
Refrigerant by-pass
Alarm buzzer
Main power cable
Water by-pass valve for pressure adjustment
Y-type filter
Water pressure gauge
Alarm output, to stop the cooled equipment automatically while chiller alarm

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