Oil Chiller

Ding Yu brand industrial oil cooler for hydraulic press, forging machine, CNC grinding machine, bed grinder, machining center coordinates hall and a variety of high speed machine oil temperature, design and production of a refrigeration machine, mainly related to mechanical equipment working under high temperature environment or continuous work without stop the cycle of lubricating oil cooling filed, to solve the circulating oil cooling to ideal temperature and reaction in the cooler design

Oil Chiller
★ Features

· Adopt European or Japanese brand compressor, stable performance, high effiency and low noise.

· DYEOI series immersion type oil chiller equipped copper coil type evaporator, without tank. DYEO series oil chiller equipped with copper coil in tank type evaporator, and shell and tube type evaporator for option.
·  Famous brand electric components are employed to ensure long service life.
·  Specially designed control system, ± 1℃ control accurancy.
·  Imported oil pump for high temperature fluid, high pressure, large flow rate and stable.
·  Refrigerant R22, R407C, R134a, R410a for option.
·  Full protection for system, including high/low pressure, high discharge temperature, compressor motor overheat, over current, anti-freezing, flow switch and quick break switch.

Ding Yu oil chiller is the use of cold work on cooling evaporation heat absorption principle of coal, oil pump to extract the oil from the machine fuel tank to the refrigeration system of heat treatment, hydraulic oil and oil cooler after cooling flow line road back to the machine tools in the fuel tank, through the continuous cycle of work t machine the oil of oil temperature continues to decline.

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