Die-casting Machine Dedicated Temperature control 350°

Application Industry
Injection molding, die-casting molding, printing, reaction kettle, rubber and drum, extrusion industry such as temperature control and material drying conveyor automation.

Die-casting Machine Dedicated Temperature control 350°

·Pipeline explosive-proof equipment
·Back to the oil temperature display table
·Boot automatic exhaust function
·Counter back to the oil pump function
·Heating power switching function
·Vacuum system operation(optional)
·Hot oil by-pass pressure release loop
·Instant cooling power function(optional)
·Pump horsepower and heating power can be customized
·Full range of West Germany SPECK pump
·Full range of European and American high temperature piping components
·Electric use OMRON. FUJO.TE.LG
·Temperature control: water temperature +15℃-300℃
·304 stainless steel integrated pipeline for less pipe group and rust
·Isolated electric box for longer lives of electric appliances
·RS485 communication function for automated management(optional)
·Control mode: imported microcomputer or PLC control(optional)
·Perfect safety protection, fault display, easy repair and maintenance even without professionals

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