Water Circulating Temperature Controller 120°

Application Industry
Injection molding, die-casting molding, printing, reaction kettle, rubber and drum, extrusion, etc.
Drying temperature control and material conveying automation.

Water Circulating Temperature Controller 120°

·Pipeline explosive-proof equipment
·Blowing return function(optional)
·Return temperature display table
·Boot automatic exhaust function, the heating power switching function
·Instant cooling power function
·By-pass pressure release loop for hot water
·Multi-point temperature control unit can be customized
·Pump horsepower and heating power can be customized
·Electric use OMRON. FUJO.TE.LG
·Temperature control: water temperature +15℃-120℃
·304 stainless steel integrated pipeline for less pipe group and rust
·Isolated electric box for longer lives of electric appliances
·RS485 communication function for automated management(optional)
·Control mode: imported microcomputer or PLC control(optional)
·Perfect safety protection, fault display, easy repair and maintenance even without professionals

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